Time Capsule

Sometime around 2006, I began to realize a transformation was taking place…

For the majority of my life, it seemed like Los Angeles would stay the same forever. In 2006 I was in my twenties, trying to figure out this “adulting” thing and living in a single apartment in Koreatown. A few years earlier I had started getting serious about photography so I had begun to carry my Contax T2 with me everywhere I went. I’ve always been focused on documenting the neighborhoods I lived in so I developed a habit of paying extra attention to the any changes that appeared. Although I was unaware at the time, it was the beginning of a wave of redevelopment that continues to this day, a process that continues to transform the city in profound ways.

The images in this set are interesting to me both as photographs and memories. They are all from the same roll and were developed almost a decade after they were taken. The images are representative of a forgotten Los Angeles that was critical in my development as an artist. Time plays an important role in the importance of a photograph. These photographs are of a place that no longer exists, a version of a city that has been lost. Regardless of how you may feel about that, I feel extremely fortunate to have documented a place many will never see.