good mornings

Things Change…

By nature I’m a creature of habit. My creativity is powered by the unseen rhythms of everyday life. The foundation of my photographic practice was documenting my daily commute and other aspects of life in the areas that I’ve worked in over the years. I would eat my lunch at my desk (or skip it altogether), grab my camera and set out to capture my surroundings from any angle I could. I also made a point to take the train to work on Fridays in order to capture a side of daily life that many in the city overlook. This was my routine for over a decade and it evaporated in the span of a few weeks once the true scope of the pandemic became apparent.

It took me a while to find my inspiration again but eventually it returned. The challenges of working from home, the lack of a commute, and the adjustment to social distancing, were difficult to balance with my former approach to making pictures. I had to find different ways to explore and interpret the new world that had emerged. One of the new routines I adopted was to walk (or ride my bike) for an hour or so before work. It was a habit borne of necessity, in the beginning of the quarantine that was one of the few things that you could still do. But once the restrictions let up I decided to continue venturing out in the morning with only my iPhone, documenting the light and the stillness of the city around me.